Bulk & Grocery

Generation Green

Supports local and ethical brands. Has a bulk section.

Organic Planet

Bulk grains, flowers, legumes, snacks, nuts, seeds, coffee, spices, pasta, reusable milk bottles.


Bulk meat, cheese, pickled vegetables, olives & bread

Yellow Deli

Has a bulk section with: rice, beans, seeds, sugar, tea & coffee. Also sells homemade laundry detergent in paper bags.


30 minutes NE of Winnipeg. Welcomes home tins/containers for loose tea.

Bulk Barn

Multiple Locations – Allow customers to bring in clean home containers and resealable bulk bags to tare and fill with bulk items.

Gramma Carol’s Gourmet Bulk

30 minutes NE of Winnipeg. Welcomes home containers & bulk bags.

Bread & Bakery


Loose Bread

Tall Grass Prarie

Organic bakery, loose breads & baked goods.

Stella’s Bakery

Artisan breads, buns and pasteries, bring your own bag!

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Meat & Cheese


Bulk meat, cheese, pickled vegetables, olives & bread

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Who cuts the Zero Waste cheese?

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Hello? Is it meat your looking for? Any container friendly butchers out there?

Farmers Market

Crampton’s Market

Open Daily May – October. Package-free breads, produce and berries (will take berry boxes back so bring a container.

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To Market, To Market… but where?

Dining & Takeout

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Home & Beauty


Hard soaps, essential oils & beauty products.

Will refill home containers with essential oils.

Humbolt’s Legacy

Refillable household goods, variety of food items, sustainable clothing and toys

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Refill shops, eco/ethical brands.

Where does Winnipeg go for home and beauty products?


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Pre-loved: clothing, shoes, home decor – point us in the right direction and we are off!

Resources & Recycling

Compost Winnipeg

Compost Solutions for Home, Business & Events

Green Action Centre

Non-profit organisation helping with recycling and composting awareness & solutions

Mother Earth Recycling

Mattress Recycling, Electronic Recycling & Refurbishing

Where It Goes

What Goes Where? City of Winnipeg Recycling/Compost/Garbage Resource Guide


They Buy Lead-Acid Batteries, Scrap Metal & Recycle Electronic Waste

A-Z Guide

Comprehensive list of what goes where, Winnipeg

Tire Stewardship

Tire Recycling

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