Bulk & Grocery

Nutter’s Bulk & Natural Foods

Bring home containers and bulk bags for bulk food.

Bulk Barn

Test markets now accepting home containers and bulk bags.

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We know you’ve got more Saskatoon! Help us fill this section out.

Bread & Bakery

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Best package-free carbs in town…Go!

Meat & Cheese

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Who cuts the Zero Waste cheese?

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Any container friendly butchers in Saskatoon?

Farmers Market

Saskatoon Farmers Market

Vendors open Wednesdays & Weekends

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To Market, To Market… but where? Help us fill this out, Saskatoon.

Dining & Takeout

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What restaurants are Zero Waste friendly in Saskatoon?

Home & Beauty


Naked Packaging, Vegetarian, No Animal Testing Beauty Products.

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Refill Stores? Eco/ethical brands?

Where does Saskatoon shop for home and beauty products?


Plato’s closet

Second-hand clothing for teens and adults.

Village Green Thrift Shop

Second-hand appliances, furniture, decor and clothing.

Value Village

Clothing and home goods.

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Point us in the direction of more pre-loved: clothing, shoes and home decor.

Resources & Recycling

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It’s not easy being Green – share your resources with us Saskatoon!

Hey Saskatoon, We know there is more to your Zero Waste story?

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