Bulk & Grocery

Will tare containers for bulk. Mostly bulk but small selection of produce.

Ailments Merci
Accepts reusable bags in bulk section. (In Jean Talon Market)

What shop belongs here?
Fill us in on where to fill up on bulk, Montreal!

Bread & Bakery

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Who has the Zero Waste carbs in Montreal?

Meat & Cheese

What shop belongs here?
Who cuts the Zero Waste fromage in Montreal?

Farmers Market

Jean Talon Market
Open Four Seasons

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Tell us about more markets in Montreal!

Dining & Takeout

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Zero Waste foodies unite… where?

Home & Beauty

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Sustainable Beauty and Home stores….Go!


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Montreal MUST have some kick-ass secondhand stores – share please!

Resources & Recycling

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It’s not easy being green – share your resources with us!

Salut Montreal! We know there’s more Zero Waste going on than what we have listed!

Drop us a line and share what you Know!

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