Bulk & Grocery

Mustard Seed Coop

Bulk olive oil & honey and some bulk bakery items.

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Where do you shop bulk, Hamilton?

Bread & Bakery

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Who’s got the best package free carbs?

Meat & Cheese

Sam’s Cheese & Meats

Will fill home containers with cheese and deli items.

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Who cuts the Zero Waste cheese, Hamilton?

Farmers Market

Hamilton Farmers Market

Open Year Round

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Where else do you rub elbows with local farmers?

Dining & Takeout

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Where to get the best package-free nosh?

Home & Beauty

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Package free, Refillable, Toxin free, Cruelty free, where does one find such home and beauty products in Hamilton?


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Where to find the best pre-loved threads, Go!

Resources & Recycling

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Hey Hamilton, Help Us Fill in the blanks!

We know you’ve got more hidden Zero Waste Gems!

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