Bulk & Grocery

Community Natural Foods

Multiple Locations
Accepts reusable bulk bags in their bulk foods section. (Coffee & Tea too)

Bread & Bakery

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Best carbs in town…Go!

Meat & Cheese

Janice Beaton Fine Cheese

Home containers welcome.

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Who else cuts the Zero Waste cheese, Calgary?

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Any container friendly butchers in Cow Town?

Farmers Market

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Where can we meet your farmers, Calgary?

Dining & Takeout

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Eek…Where canĀ a Zero Waste foodie dine?

Home & Beauty

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Refillable Soap? Toxin & Cruelty Free?
Where does Calgary shop for sustainable & ethical home and beauty products?


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Best pre-loved threads…Go!

Resources & Recycling

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It’s not easy being Green, share what you know!

Hey Calgary, We Know You Have More Hidden Zero Waste Gems!

Spill The Beans, Share What You Know!

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