Woody Multi-Talented Pencils – 5 Additional Colours


Wax Crayon | Water Colour | Coloured Pencil

Round out your child’s Woody collection with these modern, vibrant colours.

Stabilo 3 in 1 Woody pencils are a fantastic sustainable alternative to traditional children’s art supplies. They are chubby making them easy for small hands to hold, and the 10 mm writing tip makes them virtually indestructible. Rich, vibrant, creamy colours make these the go to choice for my children. Paint over drawing with a wet paint brush to give a water colour effect. Being water soluble makes these worry free as I know I can easily clean whatever surface my little artist have tagged!

I love them for writing on my pantry jars, and they perform double-duty as chalk on my chalkboard.

They Draw on:

Cardboard | Windows | Glass |  Dark Surfaces |  Blackboard | Metal | Paper

Made with 100% PEFC certified wood. PEFC guarantees that the wood products used come from sustainably managed forests.

*These additional pencils come with a small wrapper of plastic around the tip.

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*Crayons in the 5 pack come with small plastic wrap around the tip. 

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