Stainless Steel Lunchbox -Planetbox (Rover)


We love PlanetBox for so many reasons.

Eco Friendly. PlanetBox, made from stainless steel is 100% recycleable and it eliminates the need for single-use plastic wrap, tinfoil and brown paper bags.

Built to Last. This isn’t your childhood flimsy tin lunchbox. The high quality stainless steel is warrantied for 5 years, and has been known to survive getting thrown off the school bus (not that we recommend that).

Cost Effective. Why should you pay this much for a lunchbox? Because it’s cheaper to buy food in bulk and pack your own meal. Because your health is worth it. And because it’s an investment your family will use every single day for many years to come – over its lifetime, it will pay off in spades.

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The Rover is designed for those who prefer to sample a wide variety of foods with smaller serving sizes.

Holds nearly 4.5 cups of food, which happily satisfies most children and adults.

Great for variety and versatility.

Designated place for a little treat.

Each Rover includes 1 Big Dipper and 1 Little Dipper.

PlantBox is dishwasher safe, certified non-toxic and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Weight: 1.6 lbs/725.8 g

Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 1.5 in / 25 x 19 x 3.8 cm

Materials: stainless steel, silicone rubber

Care & Use

Dishwasher safe OR handwash.

Remove Magnets Before Washing. Magnets are not designed to get wet. Wash and thoroughly dry before re-attaching magnets.

Wash Before First Use. Either in the dishwasher or with soapy water.

Dippers. Use dippers for “wet” foods such as yogurt, applesauce, hummus or even juicy fruits. Dippers can be placed inside the Rover or separate. Children should be instructed to ensure dippers are placed flat on a surface before removing lids, otherwise spills can occur. Chewing, bending and other misuse of lids can compromise their functionality and is not recommended.

Hot Foods. PlanetBox is NOT designed for hot foods. Ensure foods have completely cooled before placing them in your Planetbox. Steam from hot food can create a vacuum that will compress the lid and cause edges to lift and compromise the seal.

Microwave. PlanetBox is NOT microwave or oven safe.

Small Parts. As PlantBox contains small parts it is not intended for children under the age of 3.

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