Bokashi Kitchen Composter – Starter Kit


Comes with two compost buckets and 3 bags of bran. (Best Value)

*Best seller*

Bokashi Living’s 2 bin starter kit provides everything you need to get bokashi composting started successfully in your home, office, school or community. Our 2-bin bokashi starter kit comes with either 1, 2 or 3 bags of premium bokashi bran. Prices range for starter kit is $102 – $126 depending on the number of bags of bran you choose. Shipping costs are the same for 1-3 bags.

Our 2 bin kit with 3 bags of bokashi offers our most economical shipping rates.

Each starter kit includes:
•2 x kitchen composters,
•1, 2 or 3 x 780g bag of premium bokashi bran,
•4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting.
•Saving you $27.

These are our best selling bokashi kits and are recommended for anyone looking to succeed with bokashi composting in their home.

Please note, color may vary.

For more information please refer to the Product Description.

*One bin kits can be purchased starting at $70 Canadian.

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What is bokashi composting?

Bokashi composting allows you to transform your foodscraps (cooked, raw, meat ,dairy and oils) into nutrient rich compost in just 4-6 weeks with our bokashi compost starter kit with no pests, no foul odors and the process is fast and easy.

What’s included in the Starter Kits?

Each of our bokashi starter kits includes everything you need to get started with bokashi composting, as follows:

  • Indoor Kitchen Composter

Our 2 bin starter kits include two bokashi kitchen composters. The 2-bin system allows you to continuously collect foodscraps and produce a year round supply of homemade compost.

Each of our Bokashi Living kitchen composters includes a:

  • strainer plate,
  • spigot,
  • air-tight lid,
  • masher (to press down food waste); and
  • handle.

Each kitchen composter will contain 20 litres of food scraps. This is approximately 2 weeks of food scraps, based on an average family.

  • Bokashi Compost Accelerator (Bokashi Bran)

Bokashi Living’s premium compost accelerator (bokashi bran) is a careful mix of bran and molasses infused with billions of bokashi microbes to help ferment your food scraps. Each 780g bag provides enough compost accelerator (bokashi bran) to ferment 4 full kitchen composters. For an average family, this is at least 2-3 months of food scraps.

We make our extra strength bokashi bran using the highest quality bacterial culture (enhanced EM1 (plus)). We dry and test all our bran before shipping to your door.

Our 2-bin starter kit is available with 1, 2 or 3 bags of premium bokashi bran. The 3 bag option provides our most economical shipping rates.

  • 4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting

Our 4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting is simple and clear. Helping you to get the most out of your bokashi composting system. It includes the four simple steps needed to transform your food scraps into compost which is ready to be grown in. Add…Sprinkle…Bury…Grow!

Also includes our Troubleshooting Guide with tips on what to do if your bokashi bin goes bad.

Provided as a hard copy.

Order today and start producing your own homemade, nutrient-rich compost.

Please note, color may vary.


We chose our packaging carefully to select options that are recyclable. Our bokashi bran bags are made from 100% LDPE and are fully recyclable, where facilities exist. This is the same material as plastic grocery bags meaning that our bokashi bran bags are recyclable wherever grocery bags can be recycled. Our bokashi bran bags are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. Please re-use or recycle.

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