Since day one our goals at PAREdown were simple.

Raise awareness of the Zero Waste movement by demonstrating how easy it is to live beautifully without creating copious amounts of trash; and

Lower the barriers to living this lifestyle in order to encourage others to adopt Zero Waste practices.

Through sharing our journey and our Zero Waste finds we realized that many of our followers were also interested in these products but had no access to them. We realized there is little point in sharing all of the fantastic Zero Waste products we have learned about, if we are unable to direct people to where they can find them. Within time it became clear that opening a small online store was the way to go. Our store is intentionally small, we are only sharing with you products we use daily and love. That way you can trust that these items perform well, are built to last, and made in North America (whenever possible) by a brand that shares our ethos of waste reduction and sustainability.


Our original intention was to offer our customers a 100% plastic free store. Unfortunately, this is not realistic — yet! What we can offer is a store where every product available, eliminates the need for it’s single-use, landfill bound rival.  We are committed to working closely with manufacturers to reduce/eliminate plastic packaging. And, we do our best to indicate products with plastic components or plastic packaging in the ‘Additional Description’ section of every item.

Care Instructions

Please note that some of our products require special care – for example, it may not be advised to leave them soaking in water or put in the dishwasher. Please read each product description, including the Additional Description section carefully because not following the product care instructions voids the warranty and may cause damage to the product.

Product Detail

Products are described as accurately and appropriately as possible in order to ensure that a customer understands the product being ordered. The descriptions, pictures, and information on our website are intended to be accurate at time of upload, however, all information is subject to change without notice. Colours are represented as realistically as possible, but colour variations of product images or colour swatches are outside of our control because software, hardware and Internet connections can alter the appearance of colours.