Katelin Leblond & Tara Smith-Arnsdorf

Zero Waste Living

The concept for PAREdown started back in early 2014.  It was born out of our mutual desire to devote our time to something meaningful.  “What if” was a question we began contemplating.  What if we could change our lifestyle in ways that would allow us to: save money, reduce our carbon footprint, stay at home with our children while they are young, and, ultimately, to support positive change in our community and the planet by championing Zero Waste?  What if these changes resulted in increased happiness and a greater sense of purpose?  Two and a half years later it feels great to write that adopting the Zero Waste lifestyle and philosophy has enabled us to achieve all of the above.

Living Zero Waste sounds drastic, even hard-core, but we assure you it’s not. Once you establish new routines and adopt a philosophy of simplicity this lifestyle will reward you. Watch our explainer video below on how our journey began.

The Zero Waste movement is in its infancy , but it’s gaining momentum and growing quickly.  Cultivating a community to support those taking the Zero Waste journey is what PAREdown is all about.  With this understanding, we are spreading our wings and expanding our reach, PAREdown Home is planning to launch a sister site, PAREdown Westcoast!  As Katelin ventures off to tackle new horizons and spread the Zero Waste movement in Toronto, and beyond, Tara will be zeroing on where it all began on the Westcoast.  If you are lucky enough to reside in Supernatural British Columbia and want to keep you finger on the pulse of all things related to Zero Waste in your community, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter (in the footer) and watch for information regarding the launch of PAREdown Westcoast in 2017.

About Katelin

So here’s the short version: I am a chocoholic, wine loving, quirky (with a capitol Q) Mama of two and wife to a Royal Canadian Air Force Officer whose career keeps us on the move across this amazing country. The longer version (which I will spare you) would go into details about my “unique” dance style, my love of cooking…and eating, but most of all my desire to do what I can as an individual to reduce my impact on our precious and beautiful spinning blue planet.  For me, it’s about personal accountability and choosing to do what I can today in an effort to have no regrets in the future.

As my little family embarks on our next chapter in Ontario, it is my hope to establish new communities of people who want to “geek out” together on Zero Waste! Anyone out there reading this? Let’s hang!

About Tara

I live in Victoria, British Columbia with my husband, our three children, and our dog, Hudson. As a family, we enjoy good food (both at home and at many of the amazing local eateries that our city has to offer), our friends and family, bike rides, camping, and spending time outdoors in this incredible city we are lucky to call home. I love my family, red wine and chocolate cake. I’m motivated to live waste-free to reduce my impact on the environment. Big changes start with small choices. I’d love to share with you my thoughts and tips on my waste-free lifestyle.

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