Meet Tara

Mindfully Sustainable

PAREdown is building a community of likeminded individuals who are conscious about their environmental impact, and striving for a sustainable and Zero Waste lifestyle. Are you looking to reduce your ecological footprint? Me too! My name is Tara, and I’m a contributing blogger here at PAREdown. You may have come across my Instagram, Mindfully Sustainable.


My journey to Zero Waste living is relatively recent, however, my desire to have a positive impact on the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle has been with me for years. With a pilot for a dad, I had the opportunity to live abroad when I was growing up, and have traveled lots ever since. Through my adventures across the globe – to places like New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Poland, England, and the United States – I have seen the direct impacts of human consumption. A consistent issue I’ve found literally everywhere has been trash. Garbage. Plastic rubbish. Food waste. You name it, I’ve seen it!


An epiphany moment really came to me while snorkeling in Bali a few years back. I was exploring what I thought was a pristine part of the world (based on the photos, of course), with unspoiled nature, breathtaking beaches and lively coral reefs. To my dismay, much of what I witnessed underwater was trash. Floating plastic bags, takeout containers, plastic water bottles, and candy wrappers…the list goes on.


In that moment, I knew my life had changed. I had to do something to make a difference. But I felt stuck, and asked myself questions like, ‘who am I to make a big change?’ ‘How can I influence others? I am certainly not a marine biologist or waste management expert.’ And maybe you have felt that way too.


When I came across the Zero Waste movement, I knew it was the perfect solution to reduce my waste impact. Beyond my ecological footprint, I’ve found that the Zero Waste movement is an ideal way to create positive environmental change because it can happen at all levels – it’s perfect for individuals, communities, businesses, and governments! Literally everyone and anyone can get involved to make a difference.


The Zero Waste movement is really about community, which is what I love about collaborating with PAREdown. Katelin is building a Zero Waste community, so we can all help each other to reduce our waste and our collective ecological footprint. Thanks for sharing in this journey. I’m so glad you’re here!


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